Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Spike Jonze created a beautiful love story in just 30 minutes than Twilight did in 4 books & 3 films.

I cried thoroughly, even though it was my 3rd time watching this.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I love you still, always have and always will.
Have faith, I really do love you.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


It must be nice if I was her..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I finally finished reading this novel. I was never a heavy novel reader so it took me about months to go through the novel. Because I will start all over again each time I started to open it until I finally managed to finish reading it in one day, one shot haha.

Actually, I watched Norwegian Wood movie version before I started to go through the novel. The movie was sad, extremely sad. It was simple, yet so meaningful. But then I decided to read the novel that I actually found first before the movie. It was just that I didn't feel like reading it.

After I read the novel then I realised that the movie version was just a merely summary based on the novel. I must confess, the film was great but the novel was tremendously greater. I could imagine the atmosphere of the story by just going through a word by word.

I can relate myself with Toru through this novel. About his loneliness and his point of view about love. & when he asked himself whether he could love someone because he didn't seem to be able to love himself perfectly then I asked myself the same question. But I hate that the fact he couldn't resist his feeling to his late bestfriend's girlfriend Naoko. But we humans can't resist love right?
How I wish Toru will just go on his life with Midori, my favourite character in both novel & movie. She was absolutely different from Naoko. Midori was such an outgoing, lively girl while Naoko was an emotionally- troubled girl & it annoyed me a little.

In this novel, & also the movie, I found that Toru's honesty was really amazing. He was honest about his feeling whenever he already realised that his feeling will be a waste one fine day, because Naoko never love him. His determination in finding way to pursue his love is also as amazing.

& just an addition, I really thought that Midori, the one in the novel had such super short hair- boyish style, unlike her hair in the movie. Anyway, the actress who acted as Midori in the movie, Kiko had such pretty bob hair. I feel like chopping my hair now haha.