Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Words are like bullets, and they kill as well as any gun. A word can cause trouble to the person who speaks and the other party which the word is addressed to. A word can cause a war, even without any action. A heart can be cured or broken. A supposedly happy endings can turn out to be a sad, bad ending. A life can be better or a life can be worse.

The consequences of the spoken words can stay and linger a person for the rest of his life. Little that you know that all actions and decisions start with words; nice words nor bad words. Somehow, the tongue can be the determinant of life and death, happiness and sadness, contentment and misery.

Your thoughts are personal, but not your comments. You have the right to think, choose and talk. But it is also your obligation to know the right way to express them; your ideas and thoughts. You can comment but you should know the effect of every single word you speak and how you let the other person to be aware about it. Talking to merely affirm your aim without considering one's feeling listening to your words is the most irrelevant, dumbest thing a person can do.

When you believe too much in your tongue and words, you almost can't believe in your eyes and heart anymore. When you let your words on behalf of yourself win every time, you actually begin to distrust the other possibilities, other than your 'possibility'. And when you entrust your tongue to settle things, you are likely to experience things you said, might be backfiring.

You can't say nice words when you hate. And when you hate, it is quite impossible for you to love something or someone. So, you say awful words to clarify your hate. You don't want to hear. You don't want to see. You only want to speak, because to you; it's you that matter. It's your hate that's important.

Unbeknownst to you that, you are turning a person's life into something better or vice versa. You may just kill someone's passion and dream, just by your words. Your words can hurt and the wound may still continue to bleed even until her last breath.

Sometimes, I wish for people to just shut their mouth when they have nothing nice to say. Yes, people should speak their minds and the truth, but when it comes to personal things and other people's feeling, they should consider other's feelings most of all.

Now, I'm one of the people who have been hurt by some spoken words and the speaker. And I'm hurting more than ever.

Speak wisely and considering other people's feeling is something I wish the world could do.