Sunday, October 20, 2013


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This is what I've been up to, albeit the headache I'm having due to the approaching SPM. 

Like a symmetrical line dividing the mesh of serenity on one part and chaotic on the opposite side of my life right now. 

That's what makes life worth living for, nevertheless.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Somehow I do think that

Life is a play and we're merely players. The difference here is that players impersonate other people, and have a script, knowing what to do and what may come whilst we are our own selves and everything is subliminal like we must go with the flow and accept the consequence of our earlier action. And we have no audiences too, well maybe not that we know. However, we have the power to change the play, meaning that we are also the stagehands. We can manipulate others so that the play will be the play we want it to be yet can't compare to the power of God. He knows best, He is the owner of the play.

We are totally established with our own roles, we got lost in the play and live in it through the ups and downs of it. We get to know others, and each of us creates the excuse to act fully in our play through the relationship we have with others. We can experience our existence in togetherness, because we feel that we somehow are important to the other party. But we, must also be an observer in order to learn about our energy and existence in order to act fully in our parts.

So I am a player, an actor, by mistake or design. It could be a comedy, drama, or even tragedy, yet I enjoy being one. Sometimes I stay as the bystander of myself and my environs, being aware that my existence is not affected. And thinking whether my existence affects others, like am I really matter to others, especially to those who I love. And how would the play and the other players I care would live like if I never existed.

And wondering about the ending of the play.