Monday, January 18, 2016


I'm a fool for you. I don't know whether I am a fool, that's why I fall in love with u or I am a fool because I'm in love with you. Whether it's the former, or latter, I am still a fool. I don't know if all the beauty of yours that I appreciate really exist or it's all in my head, because I'm such a fool. Tell me if I'm blindfolded with a cloth of your touch or I just don't want to see, because I'm a fool.

But she, sees the same things in you as I do- the goods and the bads which both equal to perfection to me. If I'm a fool for loving you so bad that it hurts me - and only me, then she must be a fool as well. I don't care if she's a fool that's why she loves you or she has become a fool for loving you- She's still a fool. I can see it clearly the way she foolishly loves you, she does everything that I do to have you.

We're fools for you.

But you choose her. So are you a fool for her? You are a fool that's why you love her or you are a fool because you fall for her.

And you are a fool because you never realize that I've been here for you, to be with you.

But still, you are a worse fool that I am. Because you pick her and not me. Anyway, you are a fool, you know no better. She's a fool, she must not realize that she's in love with a fool. And I'm a fool, so don't feel bad about rejecting me, like a damaged goods.

It's always been that way- I love you but we're not in love, sadly.

Wait. I guess I'm actually the worst fool- not him.
No one wants to love me, even that bloody fool, because I'm a loser in the fools world.

No one wants a loser, even the fools.