Thursday, February 4, 2016


I love you. I know you must be sick of these three words together when it happens to be me as the one who says it- now. I'm no longer your nightingale, the one whose voice once soothed your pain. I'm no longer your muse, that inspired you to see the world through a new pair of eyes. I'm no longer your fantasies, whose presence blessed you with an otherworldly happiness resulting a choir of angels suddenly was up in the air. I'm no longer your lover, the one you'd always want to keep beside you.

And for the last time, I'm gonna let you know that I love you still even though we're not in love with each other anymore. I still find you very beautiful, but I'm no longer having the idea of having you. I'll never resent you for whatever reason. Don't be regretful towards what we once had because I know it was love, but we were just not meant for each other. Hence, it was better to get out of each other's lives because we've played our part and the story has ended.