Sunday, February 7, 2016


Being around you, I could fly without wings. You made me high and light. Little did I know, the higher you fly, the further there is to fall.

When you told me everything would be alright, I started to believe that the sun will shine bright again, only to realize that the rain was getting heavier.

That day you told me your secrets so untold, I thought we'd lived as one. Then, I woke up and learned that one meant alone.

You said you were addicted to my love. Today, I'm the one dying from longing for your love.

I had done everything to win you. I would do anything to be the best for you. I cried my heart out for you. I would kill anyone who gets in our way just to have you.

But it doesn't seem to matter because the will brought no fortune since I'm still the one crying alone at night.